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We have had our new telephone system installed 19th and 20th January 2022, Please let us know if there has been any improvements and thank you for your patience, understanding.

Dear Patients please continue to book your flu vaccinations and covid vaccinations.

easy read flu leaflet flu leaflet

easy read flu leaflet during pandemic 

Flu vaccination

Please check you have had your covid vaccinations and boosters, you will receive a message and information on how to book via national booking system, their contact number is 119 or visit the website

For our practices, our Primary Care Network are offering covid vaccines at Keats Surgery Thursday afternoon and Saturdays- PLEASE book via the national booking system

easy read covid vaccinations easy read covid vaccinations

Our next PPG Group meeting planned Thursday 24th March 2022 1pm-2pm

Dear Patient. You may have heard or read in the media about NHS Digital Data Sharing.The NHS needs data about the patients it treats in order to plan and deliver its services and to ensure that care and treatment provided is safe and effective. The General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection will help the NHS to improve health and care services for everyone by collecting patient data that can be used to do this. MGS Medical Practice plan to support this research by securely sharing your data with NHS Digital when collection begins on 1 September 2021.
To help you to make an informed decision about data sharing and to see the GP Practice Privacy Notice, please click on the following link.
If after reading the guidance, you want to Opt Out please complete 

opt out form so your medical record can be updated. Please note  Should you not want any data to be shared, you must also go online to NHS Digital or telephone 0300 303 5678 to register your National Data Opt Out preference.

Suggestions for patient communications: On the link below of further information there is a patient video, and information for patients on what data is/isn't shared, and the two different types of opting out.

Further info on the NHSD Data Sharing

national privacy notice July 2021

Attached is privacy notice text produced nationally to inform patients re the national data opt out, and a brief guide about the data opt out for practice staff

Due to coronavirus, how you contact us may be different at the moment.

This is to limit face- to-face contact whenever possible and help stop the spread of coronavirus.

If you walk into the practice, then you must adhere to social distancing; clean your hands and wear a face covering (unless you are exempt). Please don’t enter the practice if you have any Covid symptoms.

When you phone or go online, you will be asked to provide some information about your healthcare need. This will help the practice healthcare team assess the most appropriate way to provide your care, which may include a face-to-face consultation and ensure it is provided by the most appropriate person. Face-to-face appointments are available to all patients where there is a clinical need.

Alternatively, visit the local pharmacy for clinical advice on minor health concerns.

Download the NHS App to order repeat prescriptions and get health advice.

For urgent issues or out of hours, you can also call the NHS on 111 or go online to seek NHS advice If you have the NHSApp you can access NHS111 on it. The app is available on iOS and android.

Appointments are being delivered face-to-face, by telephone, or using video calls and messaging to your mobile or computer – the practice team will assess what is most appropriate for you and if you have a preference you can discuss this with them

Attending a face-to-face appointment If you are asked to come into the surgery for a face-to- face appointment, please remember to wear a face covering. Measures are in place to keep you safe from infection during your visit to the surgery

COVID-19 Vaccination

We are still open and here for you. We are continuing to provide services as we have been doing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are prioritising delivering of care and services based on clinical needs.

If you need medical advice or treatment, please ring us on 01902 728861 or, for non-urgent advice or treatment, visit our website and send us your query or email practice

 If you have a disability or condition which means you cannot wear a face covering or cannot communicate with someone who is wearing a face mask, or require other adjustments before your appointment, please let the surgery know ahead of your arrival.

The NHS is currently vaccinating those people who experts have agreed will benefit from it the most. A vaccination programme of this size and scale will still take some time to complete. Please be assured that everyone who needs the vaccine will be offered it. The NHS will be in touch with you when it is your turn to be vaccinated. Please don’t call us before you are invited. In the meantime, you can get information about the COVID-19

Vaccination online at


Our staff in the surgery are here to help you and make sure you get the right treatment as quickly as possible. We aim to be polite, helpful and sensitive to our patients’ needs and concerns. In return we ask that all patients treat our staff with respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy to aggressive, violent or abusive behaviour against our staff which may result in patients being removed from our practice list and some cases we will choose to inform the police

Our staff are working extremely hard to provide services and care and we would like to thank our patients for your continued support.    how to access GP Surgery

Cancer screening -your health is very important and there is so much support and guidance for cancer screening

Please book your cervical smear, take part in the national bowel screening and breast screening programme 

Easy read cervical screening

easy read bowel screening

Easy read breast screening

December 2020-July 2021 

Priority Covid Vaccination delivery

March 2021

Please visit and follow the link to our COVID Immunisation page for up to date information on our COVID vaccine service. You will find information on upcoming clinics, which patients we are currently vaccinating as well as links to advice and leaflets on the vaccine itself. 

More covid vaccinations have been given to our patients within our Primary Care Network.

We are working through national guidance of which cohort of patients to have the vaccination, you will be sent a mjog message on details of how to book book online or telephone number to book.

you will need your nhs number to book, if you have not got yours you can find it here

if you do not have a mobile number, you will receive a letter in the post (please let the practice know your up to date contact details)

Another clinic at the local Gudwara Nanaksar Thath in Wolverhampton Saturday 20th March 2021 and we had Covid vaccination clinic from our Bradley practice 18th March 2021 and Low Hill practice Saturday 27th March 2021.

We are very busy with our telephone lines and working hard to find a solution with telephone providers.

February 2021

We have continued supporting delivery of covid vaccinations for our patients within our Primary Care Network from Keats Grove as the designated site and supported delivery in local faith centres, our practice team went and delivered on the 14th February 2021 at the local Gudwara Nanaksar Thath in Wolverhampton.

We have also had 2 covid vaccination clinics from our Bradley practice and further more planned in March 2021. All this is in addition to continue providing normal services as included in restoration plans.                           

Big thank you to practice team for helping and really appreciate the positive feedback from the patients.

We know our telephone system needs reviewing especially as the volume of calls that have increased since the pandemic, from increase in workload and usage of telephone system for booking patients for covid vaccinations, more telephone/video consultations- thank you for your understanding and patience

January 2021

National Lockdown measures since 5th January 2021 due to Coronavirus- please see latest guidance National Lockdown Social Measures

Temporarily from 15th January 2021 Bradley practice will be open from 8am-1pm Monday-Friday telephones diverted to our other practice sites from 1pm no change to access.

Whilst we have all been supporting delivery of covid vaccinations for our patients within our Primary Care Network from Keats Grove Surgery as the designated site.

We have also supported Keats Grove Surgery to deliver their General medical services from Ruskin Road Surgery while covid vaccinations delivery continues from Keats Grove Surgery.

We will review all above monthly. Please all ensure you continue to support us with reducing the spread of coronavirus and following local and national guidance.

Over Xmas period we managed to raise funds for 11 hampers which were given to our patients dealing with bereavement and needing support during this challenging time.                                                                                                                  1 hamper was given to charity Helping Hearts Outreach for the Homeless, Practice staff team and patient group members made contributions to the funds.

Dr Bagary and Mrs Bagary gave in addition separate xmas hampers to the PPG members and Practice staff, as a way to say thank you for all the help and support.

16th December 2020

On behalf of practice team and PPG Group we want to wish you all a Merry Xmas and New Year, stay safe and well, we are raising funds for xmas hampers to give to patients who have recently dealt with or dealing with bereavement of loved ones and who need some support during these challenging time.

COVID Immunisation

There are 7 GP practice’s who are members of the Wolverhampton north network. They are Ashfield Road Surgery, Cannock Road Surgery, Keats Grove Surgery, MGS Medical Practice, Prestbury Medical Practice, Showell Park Health Centre and Woden Road Surgery. We are currently able to offer vaccination to certain patient groups registered at all of these practices.

We are currently booking vaccinations for patients over 80 who are not housebound or in residential care, unfortunately we cannot vaccinate people outside of these groups at present. (this will change with cohorts)

Please visit and follow the link to our COVID Immunisation page for up to date information on our COVID vaccine service. You will find information on upcoming clinics, which patients we are currently vaccinating as well as links to advice and leaflets on the vaccine itself. 

Vaccination clinics are being held at Keats Grove Surgery. The address is 17 Keats Grove, Low Hill, Wolverhampton WV10 8LY. It is just off the Cannock Road in the Scotland’s Estate. The nearest bus stop is Mill Lane bus stop on the A460 Cannock Road. It is a 3-minute walk from the bus stop to the Practice. Please do not contact the practice directly regarding COVID immunisations. 

If you are unable to attend the PCN Clinics, more options available to have covid vaccinations at Black Country Museum Dudley and Millennium point Birmingham

or at Brutons Pharmacy which will be open from 21st January 2021

The Address is:

Brutons Pharmacy (Moxley)
Moxley Methodist Church
High St 
WS10 8RT

Vaccine Helpline Number- 0800 002 9695
Please note that ALL patients will need to book an appointment, we will not be offering a walk-in service. Details of all patients who have received the vaccinations will be entered onto Pinnacle/Pharmaoutcomes/Outcomes4Health by the end of each working day, notifying the patients GP within 24 hours.


On behalf of Practice team and PPG members keep safe during Covid-19 and we have added some information for all to access and keep updated

information about Covid-19 Easy read

information about Covid-19 BSL (Basic sign language)

cancer resources and support  (easy read, basic sign language, different languages)

Self care 2020 Self care 2020_PST Toolkit

Common-Cold-Adults self care

Cough self care

Covid-Series-Boosting-Your-Mood Self Care


Fever-in-children self care

Middle-ear-infection self care

May 2020 privacy notices updated for COVID-19 privacy notices easy read  privacy notices updated digital data sharing collection

November 2020

Monday 16th November – Safeguarding and Wellbeing


What is Wellbeing - Safeguarding Adults Week Social Media Asset


Take time to have a read through the following resources

Medical students at practice from November 2020 and continuing with having mental health student nurses

Practice has linked with Wolves Foundation and supports Expert Diabetes 5 week structured education programme and Head 4 Health 6 week programme for mental health support

October 2020

Message from MGS Medical Practice- please follow the latest government advice regarding coronavirus at website, and only call NHS111 if appropriate or visit their website. Appointments are available and signposted to the appropriate clinician or service. We are now offering more telephone and video consultations. There is also our online triage which is available through our website or through patient access app. Sign up with your chosen pharmacy for us to send your prescriptions too.

Only come to the surgery if you need too or have a booked appointment. Online booking of appointments is currently suspended so that we can triage requests for appointments.

We would like to inform all patients who are visiting the surgery that face covering (mask, scarf, or bandanna) are expected to be worn, hand cleansing gels are in place and 2 metre social distancing is required at all times. Thank you


August 2020/September 2020

Covid-19 restoration plans in place, following NHSE guidance since July 2020, we are continuing with child immunisations, cervical smears, pneumococcal vaccinations and adapting to new ways of working with digital services, online booking, remote consultations.

From end of September 2020 we will be starting our flu clinics, please ensure you confirm attendance, when contacted.

On behalf of the Practice and PPG we have donated £20 to the mindfulness initiative organisation, their resources are very helpful for all during the challenging times, they have access to tools to support you, please see attached Covid-19 mindfulness and further information on their website

covid mindfullness

Access to evening and weekend appointments

Have your say - join our Patient Group next PPG meeting 22nd July 2021

last quarterly virtual meeting March 2021

On behalf of the Practice Team the Partners Dr DS Bagary-Senior Clinical Partner and Mrs J Bagary-Non Clinical Partner/Business Manager we look forward to seeing or hearing from you and if you need more information please contact us, ask to speak to Mrs J Bagary or Patient Group Chair Angela Smith   

Our national patient survey January 2020-March 2020, published July 2020 showed we needed to make improvements with being able to get through the phone at the practice.

Local patient survey July 2020

We completed our own local patient survey and want to review the types of calls coming through the practice, any delays in answering call. We have changed the queue waiting system, changed staff rota and emphasis on training and utilising care navigation as much as possible. Due to Covid-19 more focus on online facilities from ordering prescriptions online, or requesting pharmacy of choice to request. NHS 111 have allocated appointment slots which they can book directly once assessed. Clinicians are using more telephone/video consultations, part of new ways of working.

We would be grateful for your support in using the online facilities and supporting us with feedback and suggestions to help further improve our services. Our practice team have been working very hard during these challenging times and welcome your support and thank you for your patience and understanding. 

April/May 2020

Temporary changes due to Covid 19- PPG Meetings face to face postponed, but will continue updates via telephone and emails. Fetes and weekly drop in sessions postponed but practice team will be continuing to update care plans and offering advice and support

PPG Meeting Tuesday 25th February 2020 at Low Hill (11.30am-12.30pm), discussed services and action plan, patient feedback and how staff were using care navigation, adapted practice clinical matrix in line with RCGP toolkit and training provided from CCG

On behalf of the Practice and PPG want to thank you for all your support, please come and meet our PPG Chair Angela Smith and Mrs J Bagary who will arrange meetings, listen to patients, give feedback to the practice team for any changes that can be made to improve services for the patients, help support the practice with fetes to raise funds for charities, awareness for health and social needs, with support from the PPG members and practice team.

From Xmas Fete 18th December 2019 we raised £120 to purchase hampers for some of our Dementia and Palliative care patients. £20 donated to Good Shepherds Charity

Please come to our drop in sessions Fridays at Low Hill for further information and support about carers, dementia, mental health awareness and meet the team.

Social Prescribers and Thrive to work team on site at Low Hill and Bradley practice please ask reception staff for more information 

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